There are more than 35,000 spider species in the world, however only a few species are believed to be dangerous. 27 species have been identified to cause human death.
Spiders love dark, warm places, such as cracks in walls and corners, air vents , and in the bathroom. But some species prefer to be closer to the outside, weaving webs in your yard or around your outdoor lighting. Although the majority of spiders found in your home aren’t dangerous, they could be troublesome due to their webs and cause fears in some. So don’t worry about it, we are always here to help you any time any moment.
How do spiders gain entry into your home?
Spiders are most likely to enter homes through two main ways:
Through unscreened and open doors or windows.
Through gaps and cracks between the frames of doors and windows.
The majority of the time, spiders will enter your home seeking shelter and food. Another common way of entering is by accident getting stuck in boxes, on outdoor objects as well as other things that get brought into your business or home premises.